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    What happened at SLM 2022

    The European Life Settlement Association (ELSA) are excited to announce that the Secondary Life Markets Conference will be returning for 2023.

    ELSA are excited to announce that the Secondary Life Markets Conference | 2023 is returning to London. This must-attend conference will bring industry peers together to cover the latest market insights, news and trends in the Life Settlements, Structured Settlements and other Secondary Life markets.

    This full day conference is  to be held in London at EY’s Canary Wharf offices as well as broadcast virtually. For more information please reach out to ELSA Executive Director Chris Wells

    Full Day
    Join the debate at Secondary Life Markets | 2022, a full day of insightful content relating to the latest market insights, news and trends in the Life Settlement market and other secondary life markets, with presentations from industry insiders and unique networking opportunities.
    150+ Attendees
    The only conference bringing the life risk and capital markets together with an audience of industry experts discussing the industry's growing importance and evolution.
    20+ Speakers
    Expert speakers from business, academia and public policy present on the importance of capital market participation in the longevity and mortality markets.
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    What you will HEAR


    Time (BST)TitleVenueSpeakers & Sponsors
    09:00-09:30Welcome Coffee

    Sponsored by Longevity Holdings

    EY Churchill PlaceSponsored by Longevity Holdings Inc.
    09:30-09:35Welcome from our Conference ChairEY Churchill PlaceMark Godson of EY.
    09:35-10:20Discussion Panel

    Life Expectancies and How They Are Used.

    The cornerstone of policy and portfolio valuation is appropriately modelling longevity risk. Our first panel of the day will discuss the intricacies of utilising third-party produced life expectancy reports, in-house expertise, and how to most effectively marry the two.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Mark Godson of EY

    Joined by panelists
    Jonas Martenson of Ress Capital,

    Aaron Giroux of LifeRoc


    Walter Deeter of Burdette Asset Management.

    10:20-11:00Discussion Panel

    Life Risk’s Place in Investor Portfolios.

    Liquidity and underlying asset class diversification requirements means that alternative asset managers often compete against each other for a thin slither of institutional investors’ alternatives allocation. Our second panel discusses the challenges this brings to the life risk markets and how – and if – life risk-based assets can compete for a more permanent portfolio allocation.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Thomas Deinet of SBAI


    Joined by panelists

    Himanshu Chaturvedi of Cambridge Associates,

    Bill Corry of Corry Capital Advisors


    Alejandra Limones of Demeter Capital.

    11:00-11:30Morning Coffee Break

    Sponsored by Wilmington Trust

    EY Churchill PlaceSponsored by Wilmington Trust.
    11:30-12:15Discussion Panel

    What can we really expect from industry market data efforts?

    A request to share market data often receives a hard ‘no’ from asset managers due to competitive concerns. However, few would argue that collaborative efforts to answer some basic market questions would be a significant benefit for all. Our panel discusses industry ambitions in this area and aims to shed more light on some of the opaque aspects of the life settlement industry.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Brian Nicholson of LISA

    Joined by panelists

    Chris Anderson of EY

    Mario Coniglio of Longevity Holdings Inc.


    Beat Hess of AA Partners.

    12:15-13:00Discussion Panel

    The New Economic Environment

    As we leave the post pandemic world, any remaining expectations that the global economic environment would return to normal are now shattered. Rising inflation, subsequent interest rate increases and global events are having far reaching consequences. This panel looks at what is likely to happen in the short term, expectations for the medium term and its impact on like risk markets.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Cory Zass of Actuarial Risk Management

    Joined by panelists

    Larry Stern of Canterbury Consulting


    Rainer Gruenig of Plenum Investments.


    Sponsored by LifeRoc

    EY Churchill PlaceSponsored by LifeRoc Capital.
    14:00-14:45Discussion Panel

    The Supply of Life Settlement Risk – Brokers Perspective (Virtual)

    2021 saw the first decrease in secondary market volumes since 2014. This panel will address the challenges due to market supply and their role as intermediaries in promoting the benefit of a Life Settlement to consumers.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Cyndi Poveda of Apex Life Settlements

    Joined by panelists

    John Welcom of Welcome Funds

    Jon Mendelsohn of Ashar Group


    Tyler Hornning of TDC Life.

    14:45-15:30Presentation Session

    The Supply of Life Settlement Risk – Buying Big or Small

    Investors looking to access the life settlement market today have a variety of channels of supply. From smaller face value policies in the direct to consumer market, through to large block trades in the tertiary market, the broad range of options afforded to investors in turn allows for flexibility in portfolio construction. Simon Erritt of Coventry Capital and Phil Hall of Longevity Holdings discuss this dynamic.

    EY Churchill PlaceA conversation with Simon Erritt of Coventry Capital


    Phil Hall of Longevity Holdings Inc.

    15:30-16:00Afternoon Break

    Sponsored by Life Information Logistics, LLC

    EY Churchill PlaceSponsored by Life Information Logistics, LLC.
    16:00-17:00Presentation Session

    Life Settlements in the Courts

    David Ward of Arent Fox Schiff and Khai LeQuang of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe deliver a presentation about two of the most important issues in the life settlement market today; carrier encroachment issues and cost of insurance increases. Both topics represent serious existential challenges to the market and ones that we encourage market participants to discuss actively during the Q&A.

    EY Churchill Place 

    Chaired by Boris Ziser of Schulte Roth & Zabel

    With presentations from Andrew Dykens of ArentFox Schiff


    Khai LeQuang of Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe.

    17:00-17:45Discussion Panel

    Technology in Life Settlements

    Technological developments are either evolutionary or revolutionary, but change is inevitable. This panel discusses tech trends in the life settlement market and what types of tech should deliver real change in the operational processes of our industry.

    EY Churchill PlaceChaired by Greg Winterton of Life Risk News

    In Conversation with

    Peter Iras of Life Information Logistics.

    17.45-19:30Networking cocktails

    Sponsored by Corry Capital Advisors

    EY Churchill PlaceSponsored by Corry Capital Advisors.
    The Venue

    EY Canary Wharf

    Hosted in EY’s dedicated conference space, the auditorium boasts sweeping views across Canary Wharf, the Thames and Greater London.

    Address: EY, 25 Churchill Place
    The Auditorium, London, E14 5EY